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How to Choose the Perfect Upholstery Fabric material

How to Choose the Perfect Upholstery Fabric material

So you’ve either decided to buy upholstered furniture, or maybe you’re re-upholstering a favourite piece, but not sure how to choose the upholstery fabric that would be perfect for your item?

Here at Wood Décor we offer upholstering and re-upholstering services from making seat cushions all the way to re-upholstering chaise longue.

There are many choices when it comes to upholstery and below are some top tips from us on choosing the perfect upholstery fabric for your new piece or for reupholstering.

Colour and pattern:

Make sure you are picking a colour or pattern that goes with the style of your home. It’s easier to change out pillows, throws, and smaller pieces than reupholstering a sofa. Some fabrics will be more formal, while others will be more casual. Depending on the feel of your room, choose a fabric that works for you.

When choosing a colour for upholstery fabric, a neutral is safest. A bold colour, especially on a large sofa or in a smaller room can overtake the space. Choosing something that’s trendy right now can wrong in just a few years. Avoid complex patterns on sectionals or sofas with rounded corners, as stretching the fabric may look odd.

At Wood Décor we help our clients select the best fabrics for them and can advise on materials and colours.


When you’re choosing your fabric, besides colour and pattern, different fabrics will have different textures, based on thread count, material, and more. There’s an unlimited amount of textures out there. Make sure to consider durability and texture together, and how the fabric will compress over time.

Here at Wood Decor, we can help you with choosing the right upholstery fabric or we can use the fabric you select for your piece. We’re committed to helping you choose the right fabric for your furniture.

Consider durability:

Durability is important. Consider your home habits and how often the furniture will be used when choosing upholstery fabric.

You’ll want a heavier use fabric if you have kids or pets with an active lifestyle. Your fabric will usually contain a blend of materials, including rayon, polyester, cotton, linen, and even silk. The former three are more durable, while the latter two would be designated for lighter use.

Wood Décor offers upholstering and re-upholstering services from making seat cushions all the way to re-upholstering chaise longue. For further information and to get in touch visit:

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